To My Fellow Art Collectors,

It is with my utmost pleasure to share with you a very exciting juncture in my career, as my life long mission of “Mystical Expressionism” has finally come into fruition with the building of the Jamali Art Museum, J.A.M. in Orlando / Winter Park, Florida.

As you, my dear patrons are well aware, currently my work and exhibition spaces comprise 50,000 square feet, and my passion for art has climaxed to 60,000 pieces of original artwork, and growing.  That said, my foundation, The Jamali Foundation, already accredited, incorporated in the United States has recently launched a full-fledged campaign to facilitate building my lifelong dream of J.A.M., and it is completely self-sustained and ready to go!  This wonderful opportunity only gets better as I have decided to share this blissful occasion with you, my dear friends who have championed me from early on, to become part of this excitement with me.

I have made the contractual commitment to offer for the first time ever, one hundred museum pieces of my artwork, which has been part of the Jamali Foundation for years and which has been kept in secrecy and out of the public domain to J.A.M., my single artist museum.  These one hundred pieces of masterful artworks will be available for a limited time offer only to you, my dear collectors, and I consider them amongst my best endeavors.  They will only be offered for sale at J.A.M., ranging in size, medium and price, and all sale proceeds will go directly to this museum, qualifying payment as a tax deductible. Just to be clear, all sales from these one hundred museum artworks will benefit the museum only!
Below is a point by point summation of the advantages of becoming a part of J.A.M.:
  1. I am offering 100 master works for the first time only to a select art collector base.
  2. Each of these 100 masterworks will have an official gold "J.A.M." seal.
  3. Each of these 100 masterworks will have a designated museum category number.
  4. Each of these 100 masterworks will have an official museum certificate of authenticity.
  5. Each of these 100 masterworks will be compiled in a superlative museum catalog with the list of their respective owners, if they so choose.
  6. Each of these 100 art collectors will bear the title of museum "benefactor".
  7. Each of these 100 art collectors will be honored and inscribed in the museum's entryway.
  8. After one year's passing, these 100 art collectors will be invited to a major media gala, along with their families, where I will officially launch the premier showing of these select "100 masterworks", along with their correlative exhibition catalog.
  9. Each of these 100 masterworks will directly impact the appreciation of your current holdings of my artwork significantly!  As you know, for ten plus years, I am amongst the rare contemporary artist of the day who continues to outperform and accrue double-digit growth in my artworks' value.
  10. Each of these 100 masterworks presents an opportunity of a lifetime for you, my fellow collectors, to invest and be rewarded exponentially.
What will J.A.M. consist of, you might ask, and with that I would like to share with you the following: First, the vision of my single artist museum dedicate to Mystical Expressionism will be constructed by a genius architect whose world-renowned stature in museum building is highly regarded, admired, and studied throughout.  Second, this museum will effectively showcase the largest holdings of a single, living, major contemporary artist and designate my movement of Mystical Expressionism as my true legacy.  Three, this will become a media launch pad for my name and my artwork worldwide, directly impacting the awareness and value of my artwork significantly.  And four, this museum offers a mystical retreat for all guests who yearn to experience the influences and inspirations behind my artwork.

Effective September 1, 2009, I will be soliciting on a separate website dedicated entirely to J.A.M, offerings of these significant one hundred pieces of artwork, and this will run for a limited time offer only.  Please visit the website,, and feel free to contact me directly with your art selection, as it is my pleasure to assist you in making the right choices – Of course I will be ready to answer the many questions you will have, and I anticipate and welcome them all.  It is my true and humbling honor and ambition in welcoming you on board in this new venture, and I look forward to hearing from you.

I thank you for your past patronage to my career and dream, and remain excited about the future with you!